Dark Eldar: Scourges (2011) 40k Best Price 2018 Out of Stock Amazon



Dark Eldar: Scourges (2011)


Finally! Scourges may be the most beautiful looking infantry products GW has released, IMO, and today they are actually, really good. Factors reduction, and may take 4 special or heavy weaponry in a product of 5. Nice! They are a truly fantastic unit. Also, they are mostly of the DE units to find the delight of assault grenades, which means you can make investments some details into those to tools them for assault as a second role to choose on vehicles (Haywire Grenades) or fragile items (Agoniser or Venom Cutter) in the event that you feel so willing. Generally though, keeping these to devices of 5 with 4 tool upgrades is how you will dsicover them run.

While they have got several options which are situationally useful, High temperature Lances, Blasters and Haywire Blasters bounce away as the best options. The key reason why is that they permit the Scourges to remain mobile, and help remove heavy tanks which DE can have a problem with. Haywire Blasters especially, provide this role well and can help DE to get rid of Knights and Influx Serpents which will be the bane of these existence. You might run with 4 Shredders to keep them very cheap even though the number is short, that may be a brutal AI punch with those stacked layouts. Typically you will not need this though, as all of those other DE armyis so excellent at AI already.

Conversely, you can merely run them such as a Devastator unit and present them 4 Lances or Splinter Cannons, but, you have other products that install those weaponry and are better at it (Ravagers). Combine this with the speed and capacity to deep attack if you select that pays, and Scourges are an outstanding unit.


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