Warhammer 40k Necron Miniature Boxed Set New Release 2018 Amazon Out Of Stock

Field the Necron Bots in 40k. Some of the best mechanized infantry in the Warhammer 40k verse. Robots oh my!




I love the publication! It’s awesome. Now, let me necronssay for those of you out there that are upset about some of the nerfs: I feel you. This sucks to have something removed that you’ve become used to using. And while there have recently been some nerfs (some that I usually do not see the point of), generally the crazier rules available acquired toned down or efficient and the overall ability of units was produced within line with the various other units in the book. This is, IMO, a great complete package. You get (mostly) all useful units, variety in Formations and Detachments, cool fluff, great skill, Lords of War that are relatively reasonable, and a lot of variety in play style. This kind of is an e publication that can go organic power, or can go with layered combos for a more complex play style. I feel that is great! Nicely done, GW! This can be a lot better for me, than a book+supplement.

The Good


The Cryptek is a stable HQ choice and one you will see frequently. For a very fair 65pts, you obtain a model that boosts his unit’s toughness significantly, adding +1 to the Ma├čnahmen zur wiederbelebung Protocol role! Solid. This individual also can get a Chronometron which grants a 5++ to he and his unit vs. firing attacks, which, a really solid boost the other cool to give you a reason to work with him over one of the named Crypteks. They can also take any of the Artifacts or special issue wargear. lastly, he comes with a decent shooting system, which will be an excellent little boost when it comes into play. I actually see this gent with a Chronometron in bigger units of Warriors, Immortals, Lychguard, etc. He makes them more durable and can fill your HQ slot if you are looking for an successful unit to go there.

Destroyer Head of the family

The strategy here, is to see him for what this individual does now, not when compared to what he did, before. Now that he is Jet Pack Infantry, this individual isn’t really fitted to operating around with Wraiths or any type of the fast assault units, really. He’s somewhat slow. Nevertheless, he is still cheap, T6, can take all the cool kit and grants Preferred Enemy to his unit. That is very helpful. You stick him within an unit with a lot of firing and he significantly improves them. You are able to give him a Warscythe or a Voidreaper and Phase Shifter and he is reasonably solid in combat, too, giving them some security. For the points, this individual fills the HQ slot machine game and offers a lot of utility and is a good choice for Warlord due to his pseudo EW with T6.

Nemesor Zandrekh

Zandrekh is sturdy. He’s a thinking mans HQ and doesn’t chip in much offensively, but provides great utility. He has Overlord stats, a 2+/4++ and a Staff of Light. Like Steven Segal, he’s hard to destroy, but doesn’t pack much of a punch. What he does bring to the table is fairly incredible: his Warlord Feature is awesome for Necrons (Zealot) which helps with their weakness to well-being, but more than that he can swap his trait out every switch for any trait in the Cron book or BRB. That is very cool as it allows you to adapt to changing conditions on the battlefield on the fly. This individual also enables you to steal USRs from products within 24? which is cool when it comes into play. In all, Zandrehk isn’t the best HQ, but he’s a really solid choice. Stay him with an device of 10 Lychguard, or 10 Immortals, or 20 Warriors and be self-confident they aren’t going everywhere due to broken well-being while he can also tank wounds for them.


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