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Looking or a great way to dip your bottom into 40k on a tight budget? The new Start Collecting boxes by Games Workshop make getting models easy and cheap! Every set your planning to read about is a fantastic deal on some wonderfully sculpted models. Under you will be able to see what is in every box (and I’ll keep this updated), how much money it saves you and a review on the field overall. This is mainly aimed at new players but anyone can be tempted with another (or ninth) army.

Start Gathering up! Space Marines start-collecting-space-marines

Box Comes with:

-1 Space Marine Endstück Captain

-1 Space Ocean Tactical Squad

-1 Space Marine Dreadnought

Total Personal savings: $34. 25 CHF

So why You Should Play This kind of Army:

Space Marines are the poster-boys of 40k, being one of the most iconic armies in Sci-Fi. If you are buying solid starter power with access to a myriad of toys (Tanks, flyers, cycles etc. ) then this can be a army for you. The area Marines stand as the best possible of humanities’ warriors, in a position to tackle any threat offered across. If you want to be the “Good Guy” and have the majority of books and models to support you, then choose Space Marine corps.

Going Deeper:

This Begin Collecting box is form of a perfect one. Introducing new players to the lore with the iconic Space Marines has never been easier. You will get an extremely solid troop unit, a huge center-piece with loads of weapon options and a leader to tie it all with each other. This can be perfect as it allows you to learn all the fundamentals of 8th ed. (except the psychic phase) and get a lot of options for an army up front. Also retain in brain that these are not restricted to being Ultramarines. The overall flexibility of the new keyword systems means that you can move build whatever chapter you want! If you are a new player who likes the look of the Space Marines, this is a no-brainer. Possibly if you play Space Marines then you can certainly probably go on this set as you will likely already have everything in it and the saving are not significant enough to help you go nuts for it.


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